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RaceRender is a small operation, supporting motorsports and video+data enthusiasts with unique and attractively-priced products.

Although we have limited support resources and cannot provide personalized guidance for every situation, we have streamlined our product support so that you can find most answers you need without having to wait on a reply from us:

  • RaceRender and TrackAddict both offer a free download that is far more functional than just a "demo", enabling you to try them for your specific situation and equipment before buying
  • Common product questions and issues are covered in the product documentation / User Guide
  • Additional topics and user interaction can be found on the User Forum

Please note that all communication is handled via e-mail or user forum, and we are not able to offer support via telephone.

Due to high message volumes, and a need to allocate time to product and new feature development, there can be delays in responding to your message.

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Please visit if you require additional help

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