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RaceRender 3 Premium Editions

Deluxe Edition
  • No 3 minute length limit on videos that you create
  • Flexible RaceRender logo: smaller, movable, up to 40% transparent
  • Up to 128 input media files / objects
  • Up to 256 display objects
  • Up to 64 timeline segments per display object
  • More picture adjustments: rotation, brightness, contrast, color, hue
  • Audio volume and left/right balance adjustment
  • Picture cropping and digital zoom

  • Free upgrades to other future version 3.x releases

  • Activate it on 3 of your computers!
    Up to 3 systems when used for your own exclusive use.
    Refer to the product license agreement for official terms and conditions.
  Advanced Edition
  • All features from RaceRender 3 Deluxe Edition

  • Full Data Visualization Features and Customizations:
    • Full speedometer, tachometer, and other gauge options
    • Custom Gauge Designer
    • Enhanced Object Script Editor (advanced feature)
    • Import background images into most data display objects
    • More track map customizations
    • Export and share these customized display objects

Ultimate Edition
  • All features from RaceRender 3 Deluxe & Advanced Editions
  • RaceRender logo can be removed from videos entirely
Try It Before You Buy It: Get the Free Download today!
It's the same download file for all editions. When you choose to upgrade, you'll be provided with an activation code to enable premium functionality.
All editions of RaceRender offer our full media & data file compatibility and performance.

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Deluxe Edition Advanced Edition Ultimate Edition Other Upgrade Options
for users who have already purchased a lower edition or version
Credit / Debit
& PayPal
39.95 USD

49.95 USD

59.95 USD

Deluxe -> Advanced:
  For users of RaceRender 3 Deluxe
10.95 USD
Deluxe -> Ultimate:
  For users of RaceRender 3 Deluxe
20.95 USD
Advanced -> Ultimate:
  For users of RaceRender 3 Advanced
10.95 USD
A PayPal account is usually not needed. You may also have the option to pay directly with an accepted credit or debit card.

If prompted for a PayPal account or password, you may simply ignore that, and instead click on the option below it: "Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card"

An activation code will be assigned to the name associated with the payment. It will work for both Windows and Mac versions of RaceRender, version 3.6.1 or newer.

After completing your payment, please follow the prompt to return to the RaceRender website to view your activation code.

We will also attempt to send your product activation information to the e-mail address associated with your payment, however some e-mail providers may misidentify these automated messages as junk mail.

To purchase these upgrades, please see the section below.

How to Upgrade to a Higher Edition Level:
  • Start the RaceRender 3 program and use the "Help" menu to select "Upgrade RaceRender Edition".
    • Alternatively, you can click the "Upgrade" button on the New Project Menu, if it is visible.

  • If the large button says "Click Here to Learn More or to Purchase", then enter the activation code for your existing product into the boxes below it.
    • After successfully entering your qualifying activation code, a message will appear saying either that it has been activated, or that your code is for a previous version.
    • Return to this Upgrade screen if it had been closed.

  • The large button should now say "Click Here to Upgrade to a Higher RaceRender Edition".
    • Click on that large upgrade button. This will open a customized page on the website to purchase the upgrade.

  • If you need assistance with this process, please contact RaceRender LLC.
    • Be sure to include your full name and e-mail address, so that your qualifying purchase can be located.
Note: If RaceRender 3 already indicates that it is Ultimate edition, or does so after you enter your existing activation code, then you already have a code that is valid for RaceRender 3 Ultimate, and the Upgrade screen will not be shown.

More Information

After your purchase is complete, you will be directed to a page that will display your order status and premium RaceRender activation code, if available. Your activation code will also be sent to the e-mail address that you had associated with your payment. When this activation code is entered into RaceRender Free Edition, it will be transformed into RaceRender Deluxe, Advanced, or Ultimate, and the associated premium functionality will be ready for you to use.

You may use your activation code to enable the associated premium functionality on either one system with any number of non-concurrent users, or up to three systems for your own exclusive use, but not both. For full terms and conditions, see the License Agreement for the current version of this product. It is also contained within the product download, and may be viewed from the program's Help - About screen. If you have alternate licensing needs, please contact RaceRender LLC to arrange and purchase.

An activation code is typically sent within minutes of a completed purchase, but there may sometimes be delays in e-mail delivery, or other complications. If you have completed your purchase, but do not receive an activation code within a couple hours, please check your order status here, check your spam or junk mail folder, or contact RaceRender LLC for assistance.

Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders, and add to your safe senders list, as automated e-mails are sometimes misidentified as spam by e-mail providers. More info

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